Nova Network Foundation

Nova Network

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The smart contracts network powering the economy of tomorrow.

Built to evolve, adapt, and scale.

Green and eco-friendly.

The network that powers SNT was built to be environmentally friendly, and uses less energy per year to run the entire network than a single Bitcoin miner.

Nova Network is a decentralized and community-owned DAG programable smart contracts platform, built to be reliable, adaptive, and scalable.

The Nova Network Foundation is the entity responsible for coordinating the development of Nova Network’s core technology, as well as promoting the expansion of its ecosystem. It is also the main entity behind the implementation of governance policies and proposals, including those related to SNT and community grants distribution.

Much like the technology behind email, Nova Network has no central owner. Its code is entirely open-source, and anyone in the community can suggest and implement changes to it via its decentralized governance system.

Why is Nova Network better?

Though proven and well tested blockchain technology, Nova Network underpins a reliable, adaptive, and business-ready decentralized ecosystem for programable money, financial innovation, and applications. Its technology makes payments faster, more cost-effective, and transparent than traditional financial services, whilst also making the interaction with smart contracts and decentralized applications more reliable and consistent than other blockchain networks. It is built to evolve, adapt, and scale.

SNT is digital, programmable money.

Used to create the most advanced decentralized applications.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Independent, decentralized, and resilient infrastructure for applications.


Compatible with the most used and well-known IDEs and programing languages.

Low Usage Cost

A viable solution for cutting operational costs. Transact for less than $0.00001/tx.

Innovation Powerhouse

The most innovative applications and platforms are being built here.

Fast & High-Performance

Capable of settling thousands of financial transactions in just a few seconds.

Vibrant Community

A community-driven ecosystem, where everyone has a voice.

Carbon-neutral financial settlements anywhere in the world, in just a few seconds, for a fraction of a cent.

SNT makes cross-border settlements cheap, easy, and reliable.

Transformative digital solutions.

We build and promote a more interconnected world, with a collaborative vision.

Business-ready blockchain.

We want to prove that blockchain doesn't need to be chaotic and dangerous. Our mission is to foster a business-ready and safe ecosystem, so institutions, businesses, and individuals can take advantage of the benefits of this groundbreaking technology in a healthy and safe environment.