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Post-Launch Roadmap

A take on what we are set to achieve in the months and years to come.

Achieved Milestones

In chronological order of achievement, all before the publishing of the official roadmap.

Phase I, Consolidation

This phase of the roadmap aims to consolidate processes and the governance mechanisms to promote the decentralization of the network.




Phase II, Expansion

This phase of the roadmap aims to promote the expansion of the network and its ecosystem via the onboarding of new applications, integrations, and the launch of new development tools.


Phase III, Enhancement

This phase of the roadmap aims to enhance the existing ecosystem with new tools and purpose-built side-chains that will improve the user experience and the network's use-cases.


* A side-chain does not affect the functioning of the main network in any shape or form, and users are not obliged to participate or use them if they don't want to - mostly when it comes to permissioned ones. Side-chains can - and often do - use their own native network token, therefore their launch should not have any impact on SNT fundamentals.

Phase IV, Reflection

This is the last phase of our post-launch roadmap, and the goal here is to reflect on the achievements made to date, as well as on the lessons learned, and leverage on that knowledge to solidity Nova Network's industry participation and foster the continuous development and upgrading of the technology in the years to follow. A new roadmap may be released once the development gets past this stage.


This roadmap is indicative only, and might be revised, reviewed, and altered to better reflect the most current goals and milestones that the Foundation intends to achieve. Changes can also come from direct community input, of which the Foundation might not have direct control or influence - the network is public, and it is ultimately up to the validators to decide what version of the software they will run.