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Change the way you do business, invest, save, and interact with web applications.

Nova Network

SNT is a versatile, digital, programmable currency.

It is compatible with various networks, but you will only get the most of it in its native form, on Nova Network.

Nova Network (WSNT): 0x657a66332A65B535Da6C5d67b8cD1D410c161a08
Ethereum: 0xDB04345BA2d2F02ef0DbAAfFAE8CeF0da28952cf
BNB Chain: 0x6c5544e720DCf8173Ff06FDC7Aa3A634994375D2
Fantom Opera: 0x69D17C151EF62421ec338a0c92ca1c1202A427EC
Ethereum Classic: 0xF480f38C366dAaC4305dC484b2Ad7a496FF00CeA
Avalanche: 0xA6ad0EF910CA4C54A97CEcF82bf5892c0fA4913b

Token Economics

This is a summary of how the initial SNT tokens have been distributed, but you can visit our documentation for more in-depth information about out token economics, including links to supply burns (destruction) and more information about SNT on Opera.

10,500,000 SNT were pre-mined in the launch of our native network, and 60,000,000 SNT were created with our pre-mainnet launch on the Opera Network. This non-native supply is intended to be destroyed over time.


Public Auction

50M SNT tokens were allocated to our public auction back in 2021.


Rewards & Incentives

10M SNT tokens have been reserved to pay for on-chain rewards and incentives.


Development & Ops

10.5M SNT tokens have been held by the Foundation to pay for development and ops.

Validators Incentive

The protocol mints 2 SNT for every new block produced, and these are paid out to the validators as work rewards.

Automatic Supply Burn

For every transaction submitted to the network, a fee is charge by the protocol. This fee is comprised of two elements, the base fee and the priority fee. While the priority fee is paid directly to the validators, the base fee is automatically burned by the protocol.

How to get SNT?

There are a few different ways you can get some SNT, including asking for a friend to send you some! If you want to buy it, you can use centralized exchanges like P2B or decentralized exchanges like Fusion. If you want, you can also do some work and get paid in SNT - you can offer your skills and bid for work in our social media channels.